Kidney quality improvement methods and what they can teach us in a post-COVID world


Kidney quality improvement methods and what they can teach us in a post-COVID world


‘Looking at practical examples from four leading quality improvement programmes’

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The Kidney Quality Improvement Partnership (KQuIP) are delivering a webinar to share the learning from the Kidney Services: Improving at Scale report.  The webinar will be focused on chapter 7 – quality improvement methods – and what these can teach us in a post-COVID world.  To find out more about the report click here

KQuIP are getting together a panel of contributors with experience of delivering improvement within kidney care, including healthcare professionals, managers and patients.

The opportunity will involve reading the report to identify key learning, and planning creatively how best to share that learning, bringing in personal experience and knowledge, via an interactive webinar, ensuring the key messages are delivered in an accessible and engaging way.

The virtual event will be planned via weekly ZOOM virtual meetings (around 4/5) and we hope it will be delivered in October, also via ZOOM.  The planning and delivery will be facilitated by KQuIP, and the content and structure of the webinar will be decided by the panellists and contributors.


About 4, one hour weekly virtual planning meetings, 1-2 hours webinar delivery, and one follow up after action review virtual meeting.


Patients will be permitted to claim for their personal time given up to attend meetings. They are permitted to claim up to £40 for a half day meeting and £75 for a full day meeting (5 or more hours). It is the responsibility of the claimant to report if necessary payments for tax purposes and they should be aware it may have implications on benefit payments.


attended the recent webinar KPIN are willing to provide coaching and Peer Support if required regarding understanding the boundaries of the role and covering/developing practical skills regarding this type of involvement.

Andy Henwood (KPIN Co-Chair) was involved in the previous webinar in this series of #LearningFrom webinars, focused on patient involvement.  Details of this are available on the KPIN website here

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KQuIP Quality Improvement methods Ch 7_slides (opens in a .ppt)

For further information and to register your interest, please contact 

Andy Henwood would be happy to chat about his experience on the last one.  Please contact Andy via

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