The KPIN Working Group


The KPIN Working Group

Meet the Team

Hi, Andy here and I would like to introduce you to a few friends of mine who are a small part of a fantastic group of people who have helped create what we see as “a fantastic patient, carer and professional Kidney Patient Involvement Network resource for the future!”

This new network would not and could not be here without those directly involved and/or directly engaged supporters/collaborators, who’s commitment, hard work and dedication has been fantastic.  Thank you!


The day to day working group consists of





Paula Ormandy

(KPIN Co-Chair)


Paula is a Professor in Long Term Conditions Research, Director of Postgraduate Research. Research expertise includes integrated care, self-management, patient education and information provision using digital and social media. A founding member of the Greater Manchester Kidney Information Network ( and co-chair of the Kidney Patient Involvement Network ( Paula is a Q Fellow with the Health Foundation and a champion for improving patient experience and quality of care for people managing multiple long-term conditions.
Andy Henwood Co-chair




Andy Henwood

(KPIN Co-Chair)

KPIN Patient Involvement Facilitator


Andy is a transplanted Kidney Patient after spending 4 years on Haemodialysis.  Andy has been a patient Representative at his hospital unit as well as a patient lead in a number of regional and national programmes; the latest being the Health Foundation Funded Scaling Up programme called Shared Haemodialysis Care.  “I am a keen advocate of patients having a greater understanding and involvement in their care, this includes working with health care professionals to help improve our quality of life and their quality of work.  We are now creating a patient involvement network where kidney patients and carers with experience, can share their engagement and involvement experiences and learn from each other, as well as promote and encourage best ‘co-produced’ practices”.

Holly Loughton

KPIN Patient Involvement Facilitator


“After receiving a kidney transplant in 2016 I started to develop a real interest in how I could use my skills and abilities to make a positive contribution to the renal community, ranging from charities and patient-led support groups, to NHS England and other healthcare organisations. Over the last several years I have done this in both a voluntary and professional capacity.

I’m pleased to be part of KPIN because I remember how challenging and uncertain my own first steps into patient involvement were. I lacked confidence and knowledge of what to expect, and I certainly wish I’d had access to a network of other likeminded patients for mutual support, encouragement, and signposting to relevant opportunities.”


Melanie Dillon

KPIN Administrator


Melanie is the Kidney Care UK Patient Information Coordinator and provides part-time administrative support for the Kidney Patient Involvement Network (KPIN).

Prior to this she worked for the Renal Association as the Operations Officer for the RaDaR rare kidney disease registry. She also previously worked at Birmingham Children’s Hospital as a research assistant.


Nicola Thomas



Nicki is a Kidney Nurse and Professor of Kidney Care at London South Bank University. She has an honorary nurse consultant post at Barts Health NHS Trust where she has been involved in developing and evaluating the East London Community Kidney Service and runs kidney care courses for specialist nurses. “I am passionate about making sure that patient and public involvement in quality improvement and research is both meaningful and routine.”
Tess Harris


Tess is CEO of the Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Charity. She inherited PKD from her father along with 3 siblings; she’s currently on daily peritoneal dialysis awaiting a transplant. She’s a patient representative in a number of research programmes and networks in the UK and internationally, including the UK ADPKD and ARPKD Clinical Study Groups, ERKNet (European Kidney Reference Network), TrainCKDis, DRUGtrain and SONG (Standardised Outcomes in Nephrology). “I’m keen to encourage more patients and family members to get involved in improving kidney research and kidney services. It’s critical in making a difference to the lives of people with kidney disease. I want help people feel supported as they learn and develop confidence about patient involvement.”





Paul Bristow


Fiona Loud




The British Renal Society (BRS), The Renal Association (RA), Kidney Care UK (KCUK), Kidney Research UK (KRUK), Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), National Kidney Federation (NKF), National Institute for Health and Research (NIHR), University of Salford, London Southbank University.

I could not finish with a special thank you to Kidney Care UK for their consideration and support by providing funding to support this network for the next for 2 years.


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