COVID-19 Guidance


Patients, Carers and visitors should be aware of the various activities that are being conducted for or on behalf patients/carers/families by various Charities and Organisations, some of these are outlined below.


For general and more detailed COVID information click here.


Free KCUK webinar on Covid-19 and vaccination

‘When will I be offered my Covid vaccine?’ ‘Have kidney patients had any side effects from the vaccine?’ ‘What should I be doing to keep myself safe after I’ve had the vaccine?’ ‘Should I continue to shield? ‘What should my family members be doing to keep me safe?’

As part of our webinar question time series on Covid-19 and kidney patients, Kidney Care UK, the Renal Association and the British Renal Society would like to invite you to join this free Zoom webinar for patients, carers and healthcare professionals on the topic of Covid-19 and vaccination. This event will be at 5pm on Tuesday 26 January. The fact that we now have Covid-19 vaccines is very important to all of us, especially with the recent increase in cases.  For more information and to register click here.


The NHS has an informative site which can be found here

NHS COVID Services can be found here 


British Islamic Medical AssociationThe British Islamic Medical Association also provides relevant and helpful information for those of Islamic faith which can be found here

Other opportunities to find out more

KPIN will continue to work towards helping patients that are or wish to be engaged/involved within hospital, regional or national projects or programmes and will pass on various initiatives/opportunities as we receive them.  Should you know or beware of any opportunities or activities where members of KPIN could or may wish to get involved, then please let us know via or complete the KPIN Opportunity Form.

Is your project, programme or research of benefit to patients, cares and families and should be included on here?

Please let us know.

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