“Difficult Conversations” study

Volunteers needed. Can you help with our research study?

Having conversations with kidney health professionals about the end of life and what it means to stop treatment, can help people make plans for their future care and ensures that people know what to expect when they are making decisions about the different treatment options.

Our study team is developing a booklet to help kidney health professionals gain a better understanding of and talk to people with kidney disease about their wishes at the end of life.

We would like to interview people about issues that are important to them about end-of-life care.

We would like to talk to you if you are treated with:

  • peritoneal dialysis (PD) and aged 70+
  • conservative management

We would also like to talk to:

  • Family members who care for someone with kidney disease
  • Bereaved family members of someone who had kidney disease

Interviews will last about 60 minutes and take place at a location convenient to you (Zoom, telephone, face to face). The interview will be carried out by Anna Winterbottom (lead researcher) and audio/video recorded so that she can transcribe the interview and read it through at a later date.

For more information please contact Anna Winterbottom.
Email: anna@winterbottom.co.uk
Tel: 07981689434.

This study is funded by Kidney Care UK & British Renal Society and is in partnership with Hospice UK.

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