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As you may be aware KPIN are getting a growing number of Researchers and Project Managers requesting to KPIN to promote ‘Opportunities’ for patients and carers to work with them for specific projects.  For more on this click here

Additionally, from time to time KPIN also gets asks for our opinion on various aspects around patient involvement; perhaps around policy or general patient engagement/involvement documents.

This page deals with some of them as most of these requests are time limited and can also be added at short notice.

Given the outline above, we do ask that if any patient, carer or professional feels that they would like to comment then they can do so via the comment section below after each entry or by emailing KPIN via

We would ask that your comments come through KPIN rather than direct to the author although you may be encouraged to do so once your initial comments have been received.

For further information please contact KPIN.

Thank you in advance.

The Ask!

This feedback is based around patients or carers that have been engaged with Remote Kidney Care, either as a routine online appointment (moved from face to face) to perhaps one dealing with additional treatments which may have been COVID related.

KPIN are keen to hear your thoughts, no matter how brief on issues relating to the Patient perspective on keeping them informed and involved and what it feels like to have remote kidney care?

We have added below some outline from a number of webinars that have been held in the past.

Sadly this is one of those where dates are tight for this webinar but where patients have been engaged in the other webinars.  

The next webinar, an NHS Masterclass on the 5th of May which is ‘a practical masterclass to develop participants skills in the delivery of high quality remote kidney care’.

The webinar is looking to ‘provide interventions and change ideas to improve remote kidney care and ways to measure
the impact of these interventions and change ideas’.

Any additional thoughts to those listed below would be greatly appreciated.

Read on if you think you have a few comments you would like to add?

A series of workshops were undertaken by the Kidney Quality Improvement Partnership (KQuIP) between the 25th November – 10th December 2020

Titles of the three workshops and feedback from delegates following the workshops e.g. key messages and quality improvement priorities are outlined below;

A review of the mini-series is outlined below;

Session One:  Practical implementation and delivery of remote kidney care

The Response – key messages:

  • The need to be patient focussed
  • Every contact matters
  • Impact on clinicians as well as patients
  • Ability of each patient to access remote care
  • Need for flexibility – for clinicians and
  • patients – not all solutions provide the answer
  • Strong leadership and guidance required


Session Two:  Lived experiences of delivering and receiving remote kidney care

The Experience – Key messages:

  • Teaching patients
  • Upskilling dialysis staff
  • Measurement – what does success look
  • like?
  • Patient-centred – listening to patient
  • needs
  • One-size does not fit all


Session Three: Equity, diversity and inclusion: Meeting everyone’s needs

Individual Needs – key messages:

  • Variety of options
  • Co-development – listening to patient needs
  • Inclusion of ideas
  • Reaching out to patient population
  • Use a variety of communication and consultation methods and styles to include all


This outlines Quality Improvement Priorities as;

  • Good partnership between patients and clinicians
  • Invest in good information technology
  • Communication upskilling for staff
  • Provision of IT equipment and skills for patients and their families
  • Patient and staff surveys (PREM)
  • Understanding which patients require face to face consultations
  • Learning and recording of patient preferences
  • Involve patients in planning and delivering all of the above


An infographic (poster) outlining the above can be seen via this link: Remote kidney care_ New and emerging opportunities for quality improvement (5) (3))

Details regarding each separate workshop can be found via this link.

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