Involvement Opportunity: Psychology Focus Group


Involvement Opportunity: Psychology Focus Group

Description:We are looking for patients with experience of in-centre haemodialysis to participate in a focus group to plan a study which will use a brief intervention to support quality of life in people who are struggling with fluid intake adherence on dialysis. We are interested in input to the actual intervention, does it make sense? Would it be useful? How might it be structured etc and also the process of initial evaluation.

Experience: Any patient/carer with an interest in research or quality improvement is welcome.

Time commitment: All the focus groups would be conducted online, and the opportunity may also involve reviewing some materials prior to participating in the group meetings.

Expenses: Participants will be reimbursed £10 per hour for their involvement in the focus groups.

Contact: If you are interested in joining this focus group or would like further information, please contact Catherine Crane via email: by the 21st of September 2020.

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