Involvement Opportunity: Study Design Interview (Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment)

I am seeking a volunteer(s) to take part in a 45-60 minute telephone or video conference interview with me, which will help us to develop the study design for a research grant funding application.  I am afraid I do not have a budget for this and cannot offer payment; so would be asking you to volunteer out of interest and to give a patient perspective on what we’re trying to achieve.

The Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment’ (CGA) is considered a gold standard in care in older people. It is only recently being considered in kidney care.

The CGA takes place as a patient starts to consider their treatment options at low clearance / pre-dialysis stage. A patient and their care team go through a number of health, medical and wellbeing assessments to inform a care pathway – so it is much wider than might happen with consideration of just one health condition, or without looking at their wider social and support needs.

The aim is that the CGA allows a plan to be agreed, referrals to be made, and care to be structured according to an overall understanding of a patients’ wishes and healthcare needs.  That plan is then reviewed as health and circumstances change.

We are considering a study on how a CGA could be facilitated in kidney services, whilst patients are in low clearance clinic but thinking about renal replacement therapy options, or indeed, a conservative pathway. The study has been informed by patients previously, but we’re hoping to check that the study is still relevant and meaningful to service users and to find out what they might want a CGA to look like. This is particularly important now, as many of the assessments would need to be carried out virtually.

If we go ahead with the funding application there will be an opportunity to work with us on the application and on the study steering group if the study is funded.

If you’re interested in taking part in this opportunity, please email us for further information.

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