Learning From…Patients and Professional working together to improve kidney care


Learning From…Patients and Professional working together to improve kidney care

An often asked question ……

I would like to hear what patients ‘who have been involved’ say is needed to help others become involved?

This website has happened.

KPIN wanted to know the same so we undertook a webinar with the Kidney Quality Improvement Partnership (KQuIP) presented on 14th July 2020, in which 150 patients and professionals discussed key questions around ‘working collaboratively together to improve kidney care‘.

*A full recording of the webinar is available to listen to here (opens in a video)

Our learning was based on patient and professional experiences that were outlined in a report examining four recent improvement programmes in kidney care (see below for further information on the four programmes mentioned).  The webinar panel (opens as a webpage) included individuals who had participated in those programmes, as well as additional members with considerable experience in this area.  The panel developed and tested key questions relating to aspects of patient involvement that came from the report, and supplemented the work with insight from a focus group with wider stakeholders that was held in May.

The objective of the webinar was for patient partners and healthcare professionals (HCPs) to talk about some aspects of what it feels like to work together in an improvement programme in kidney care and to understand the challenges, the successes and enablers to patient participation.

Note:  This was the first in a series of #LearningFrom webinars based on the outputs from the Health Foundation funded report Kidney Services: Improving at Scale.

Below we summarise some of the outputs from the webinar;

  1. The full Kidney Services: Improving at Scale report report can be seen by clicking here (opens in .pdf (this webinar takes exerts from the whole report but concentrates on Section 9, pages 79 – 85))
  2. A summary introduction slide set summarising key learning can be seen here (opens in a .pdf)
  3. *A full recording of the webinar itself which you can listen to by clicking here (opens in a video)
  4. Questions and the responses from the panel members with the goal of drawing attention to the webinar can be seen by clicking here (opens in .pdf).
  5.  The full transcript of the webinar is available to view by clicking here (opens in a .pdf)

Perhaps you were part of one of these programmes;

  1. Tackling Acute Kidney Injury (Tackling-AKI)
  2. Assist Chronic Kidney Disease (ASSIST-CKD)
  3. Shared Haemodialysis Care (SHAREHD)
  4. Transforming Participation in Chronic Kidney Disease (TP-CKD)

Whilst you are here, why not have a look around the website and see what else KPIN has to offer regarding aspects of patient involvement for patients, carers and health care professionals.  If you are not already, why not become a member?

If this encourages you to find out more about getting involved, or you are interested but do not know how to then contact us at info@kpin.org.uk or directly if you know one of the team

KPIN would like to thank those involved in the production of this webinar and materials published above, especially Catherine Stannard and Ranjit Klare (KQuIP) for their organisation and hard work.  We look forward to contributing on the remaining future webinars.

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