Involvement Opportunity: Research Proposal Review (AKI)


Involvement Opportunity: Research Proposal Review (AKI)

Description: I am designing a research study that focusses on how we can measure the quality of care provided to patients with acute kidney injury across hospitals in England. A summary of the research proposal is available via email. I am keen to speak to patients on how they think the project can be modified to better reflect concerns relevant to patients/ carers and how I can increase patient involvement in the study.

Experience: Any patient/carer with an interest in research or quality improvement is welcome.

Time commitment: At this stage I was hoping that volunteers could read the proposal and email me with comments or arrange a Zoom chat to speak about their views on the project.  I would hope that this would take no longer than 2 hours in total.

Expenses: I have received some £50 Amazon vouchers to reimburse volunteers for their time in helping me develop my project.

Contact: by September 7th 2020.

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