Revision of National Guideline – Management of the Failing Kidney Transplant

The British Transplantation Society published guidelines for the Management of the Failing Kidney Transplant in 2014.

A multi-disciplinary group has been convened to revise these guidelines. We would welcome input from patients who currently have a transplant or have experience of a transplant failing with subsequent re-transplantation or return to dialysis.

The current guidelines are published on the BTS website:

We plan to update these in light of current best practice and include recommendations for future research. The current guideline has been divided into ten sections and a small group of authors will work on each. There are regular (4-6 weekly) meetings of the whole group to address any issues that have arisen. The aim is to complete the first draft to circulate for wider consultation in October 2021.

The anticipated time commitment for this is 1-2 hours every 4-6 weeks for guideline group meetings. An additional 1-2 hours every 4-6 weeks to read and provide input to individual sections. If several patients are interested in participating, they could each provide input to different sections.

The current outline is: Introduction, Executive Summary, Principles of Management, Recommendations for Future Research – to be completed later.

Current sections:

  1. Management of Immunosuppression (to include H&I considerations with IS reduction)
  2. Surgical Issues
  3. Psychosocial Issues
  4. Lifestyle management (to include diet, exercise and weight)
  5. Paediatric recipients
  6. Cardiovascular and metabolic risk management (to include bp, lipids, DM)
  7. Management of complications of CKD (to include anaemia, acidosis, MBD)
  8. Management of complications of long-term immunosuppression (skin disease, recurrent or de novo disease in transplant)
  9. Patient education and options for RRT (to include emphasis on re-transplantation, contra-indications to re-transplantation, vaccination)
  10. Outcomes following return to dialysis or re-transplantation

Unfortunately we have no financial support to provide remuneration for the time involved. At present no face to face meetings are planned. The membership of each section writing group will be circulated w/c 5th July. The next authors meeting will be w/c 19th July, with a further meeting in early September.

If you are interested in participating in this guidelines group, please contact Sian Griffin via email before July 30th.

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