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    This form is designed to determine what you already know about the workshop theme, what you would like us to consider in order for us to prepare the session more to suit your needs. We will ask you to complete a similar form again at the end of the workshop so that we can assess how we have met your needs.

    You do not have to complete any of the questions or you can include as much or as little as you think appropriate. This will not be shared directly or indirectly with anyone else without your express permission.

    The confidentiality of your personal information is of paramount concern to us. KPIN will treat your details in confidence and in accordance with current data protection laws. For more information on how we use and store your data, see our Privacy Policy

    How did you hear about this event/workshop?

    What are your expectations of this workshop?

    What do you hope to gain by participating in it?

    What is the one (perhaps more) thing(s) that you would most like to learn during the workshop?

    What kinds of experiences have you had in the area(s) of the event or workshop?
    For example, have you been in patient engagement/involvement or perhaps you have come across this during your work or life experiences?

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