Understanding the impact of gender on access to kidney transplantation in the UK

The aim of this study is to explore how men and women with kidney failure (whether they’re currently waiting for a transplant or not) differently perceive barriers in the pathway leading to transplantation. It will also investigate how their behaviours differ in overcoming such barriers and also explore their experiences in navigating the health system.

Participation in this study contributes to a greater understanding of why access to kidney transplantation is affected by gender differences. This can then help to inform policies to address this issue. Participants will be asked to give their consent for an interviewer with the researcher. They will have the opportunity to agree to an appointment with the researcher for this interview.

The interview lasts approximately one hour and will be conducted exclusively between the participant and the researcher remotely, either by telephone/mobile or via a digital platform (Microsoft Teams). In order to enable the analysis phase of the information gathered by the researcher, the interview will be audio/video recorded so that the researcher can listen to it again later to transcribe it correctly.

The project will be carried out remotely, so no travel is involved. The project does not receive funding, so participation is voluntary.

The project lead is Dr Manuela Savino, a nephrologist currently working as a research fellow at the UK Renal Registry, who is completing a master’s in Public Health at the University of the West of England. The project will be conducted as a master’s thesis supervised by Professor Andy Gibson. It is also supported by the Renal Association Patient Council.

Click here to download the participant information sheet.

If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, please contact Dr. Manuela Savino by email Manuela.Savino@renalregistry.nhs.uk by 27th July 2021.

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