Visualisation Of Chronic Kidney Disease Pathways: Online Co-Design Workshop

For the past three years I have been working with staff at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital to develop a haemodialysis patient portal. This is an app that will support patients during their regular dialysis sessions with accessible treatment information and provides a platform where patient quality of life and feelings are recorded and noted by consultants when making decisions about their treatment.

A key component of the portal described during the initial design requirements phase was the need for “interactive treatment guides and patient care pathways”.

The current patient portal has a basic implementation of the intended feature, but we are seeking to improve upon this and create a more dynamic and informative design. It should meet patient information needs as a visualisation tool. It should include the basic presentation of common pathways with vital information such as potential complications, rates of success and possible alternatives or changes in pathways. I have worked with domain experts such as healthcare providers and academics to develop and evaluate prototype presentations of patient pathways prior to this study. Now, I aim to involve important stakeholders, including chronic kidney disease patients and caregivers/family in the design and evaluation of an effective presentation of the treatment pathways that can support patients and staff throughout treatment.

First, you will complete a brief demographic questionnaire via e-mail or phone call. You will then take part in an online focus group with others who have a similar role to you in groups of no more than six people, including myself, via Zoom.

You will be given topics to discuss in your group about your experiences of chronic kidney disease, treatment and health information with text prompts shown on screen. You can contribute by discussing with others, adding notes to the screen, using Zoom’s annotate feature or in the chat.

Finally, I will demonstrate two prototype treatment pathway interactives, and ask for feedback and ideas from the group. We will do this in a similar way to the previous stage, with text prompts on the screen and a chance to talk or make notes on the screen.

These sessions should last about an hour and we will seek to arrange a date and time that suits all participants in each group.

These Zoom sessions will be audio-recorded, via Zoom’s built-in recording features and separately on my PC as a backup. You will be made aware of any recording starting and finishing, and there will be a recording icon while any recording takes place.

You are not required to appear on camera during these sessions. If you are unable to attend a group session due to personal preference or time constraints, I can arrange for you to take part in an online one-to-one interview instead at your convenience.

If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, please contact Ramsey Meiklem via email before Monday August 16th.

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