About Us

What is KPIN?

The Kidney Patient Involvement Network (KPIN) is a network of kidney (renal) organisations, charities and individuals committed to quality patient and public involvement and engagement (PPI/E) who are willing to work collaboratively on initiatives to improve standards and develop patient leaders of the future.

Our Objectives

  • To embed the patient and carer’s voices and experiences into the planning, delivery and evaluation of health and care services, research and quality improvement initiatives, including service commissioning and health policy.
  • To develop adapt and support the application of national quality standards for the involvement of service users and carers.
  • To create a network sharing good practice and resources, strengthen existing networks and build an infrastructure that connects and coordinates patient involvement, promoting user and carer interests.


What we’d like to happen…

  • More patients and carers understand and believe that they are better informed, know who to approach and can get involved.
  • There are more patients and carers actively involved in advisory positions. They are participating in communications activities, taking part in research and service improvement projects and on sitting on decision making panels and committees.
  • More health researchers, practitioners, policy/guideline developers and other stakeholders are inspired, confident and better equipped to involve patients and carers in their work.


Patient/Carer Membership

We would like to encourage all kidney patients, carers and family members to become members of KPIN, regardless of whether you’re already actively involved in aspects of “renal services delivery” or whether you’re only just developing an interest.

KPIN is a welcoming, inclusive network and we hope that our members will be willing to take the opportunity to share their knowledge, experience and best practice examples with us on a voluntary basis.

Some of the benefits of membership are:

  • Maintaining a clear and compelling value Network proposition
  • Help define an effective involvement and engagement strategy
  • Help become cultivators and change agents within the Network
  • Provide an infrastructure for people to share data and experiences
  • Facilitate discussion, experimentation and innovation
  • Develop relationships
  • Create opportunities for focused interaction on specific topics e.g. Patient Peer Support
  • Help identify like-minded people
  • Help sustain the Kidney Patient Involvement Network

Professional Membership

Kidney health professionals will also have their own area.


Where could our representation and impact be felt…

  • Being an impactful patient/carer with a support network of patients/carers behind them
  • Co-produce patient information and materials
  • Help develop Quality Improvement, Service Development and Research studies, programmes and activities
  • Provide additional ‘life/work’ skills outside of health/their condition
  • Be part of a patient journey to identify shortfalls
  • Help develop patient assessments, satisfaction surveys etc.
  • Help patients grow from sharing experiences and networking


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