Core Working Group

The following patients and professionals are working on developing KPIN on a part time basis* or have graciously given their time to the network.

Andy Henwood Co-chair

Mr Andy HenwoodKPIN Patient Involvement Facilitator (KPIN Co-Chair)*

Andy is a transplanted Kidney Patient after spending 4 years on Haemodialysis.  Andy has been a patient Representative at his hospital unit as well as a patient lead in a number of regional and national programmes; the latest being the Health Foundation Funded Scaling Up programme called Shared Haemodialysis Care.  “I am a keen advocate of patients having a greater understanding and involvement in their care, this includes working with health care professionals to help improve our quality of life and their quality of work.  We are now creating a patient involvement network where kidney patients and carers with experience, can share their engagement and involvement experiences and learn from each other as well as promote and encourage best ‘co-produced’ practices”


Professor Paula OrmandyUniversity of Salford (KPIN Co-Chair)

Paula is a Professor in Long Term Conditions Research, originally a renal nurse now a health service researcher. Her research interests include self-management, patient education and information provision using digital and social media. She is a founding member of the Kidney Information Network ( and co-chair KPIN. “The KPIN network provides new and exciting opportunities for people managing chronic kidney disease and carers so they can influence and improve the quality of services and research.” 

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