Can you help us?


Patient and carers wanted; KPIN needs you!

  • Do you have experience (Good and Bad) of ‘Patient Involvement’ as a patient or as a carer (or family member?)?
  • Can you spare a little time?
  • Do you want to help influence ‘how’ patients get involved?
  • Do you want to turn your patient experience into patient expertise?

As kidney patients and carers, collectively we have a considerable amount of ‘patient involvement’ experience, at various levels.

One of KPIN’s Goals is to try and capture this experience and insights to help other patients gain a better perspective on what ‘Patient Involvement’ within kidney services is and perhaps prepare them for an activity they may be considering getting involved with.  Patients helping Patients!

How can I help?

Where members can help is potentially by;

  • supporting the appropriate KPIN Group
  • helping review various KPIN development, review, evaluation activities
  • creating, helping or supporting KPIN in the production/sharing of resources
  • helping create or support various KPIN run events across a range of patient involvement aspects
  • suggest an resource/activity that it would be helpful if KPIN covered
  • etc. etc.

If you are interested you can contact Andy or Holly through or keep an eye on the Events tab on this site as there will generally be something on there.

We are keen to help patients and/or cares who want to get involved by sharing our experiences and providing a greater understanding of what ‘Patient Involvement’ means, as well as what to look out for.

Current Activity

KPIN are running a series of webinars : Stepping into your shoes: working together to improve kidney services” as advertised on the KPIN website.  Have a look at the links below which outlines each 1 hour webinar:

  1. Working together to understand what matters to patients and their families
  2. Working together to sustain meaningful patient involvement in developing your kidney service or project.
  3. Working together to measure the difference that meaningful PPI has made to your kidney service or project

How much of my time do you need?

We expect that the involvement in each one of these activities will be a total of about 3 to 4 hours spread over a number of weeks.

What will I be doing?

You would be working briefly in partnership with other patients, carers and professionals (with varying degrees of experience), by being involved with us in the production and/or delivery of one or more of the above-mentioned webinars.

We would hope that you would share your various experiences with us in the identification of the webinar content, and talk about a topic you are comfortable with, for about 10 minutes during the webinar.  We would also hope that you would engage with us in a question and answer session at the end with viewers.  You may also wish to consider talking to others about your experience(s) via video (about 5 mins) or perhaps a patient story.

If you are unable to spare the time, have a look at the details of each webinar/event and if you could offer some insights that will benefit us all.

You do not need any previous webinar experience, just a willingness to join in and to give your perspective during the ‘informal’ webinar as someone with experience of patient involvement.  We will support your involvement.

Will I need any equipment?

The webinars are conducted online using an online software programme called Zoom.  You will need o access this through a Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Can I get any help if I need it?

Yes, we can help you get online and support you throughout the whole process.


There will be a small ‘gift’ for your time; details will be discussed with you.

So what now?

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Andy via for further information.

If you are not sure, why not register and attend the first webinar and see how that goes as the format will be essentially the same for each one.

Many thanks



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