Can you help us?

Patients helping patients…

  • Do you have experience (good or bad) of patient involvement as a patient or as a carer (or family member)?

  • Can you spare a little time?

  • Do you want to help influence how patients get involved?

  • Do you want to turn your patient experience into patient expertise?

As kidney patients and carers, we have a considerable amount of collective patient involvement experience, at various levels.

One of KPIN’s goals is to try and capture this experience and insights to help other patients gain a better perspective on what patient involvement looks like within kidney services and perhaps prepare them for an activity they may be considering becoming involved in.

How can I help?

You can potentially help by…

  • Supporting the appropriate KPIN Group
  • Helping review various KPIN development, review, evaluation activities
  • Creating, helping or supporting KPIN in the production/sharing of resources
  • Helping create or support various KPIN run events across a range of patient involvement aspects
  • Suggest a resource/activity it would be helpful for KPIN to cover.

If you are interested you can contact us via or keep an eye on the Events tab on this site as there will generally be something on there.

We are also keen to help patients and/or carers who want to get involved by sharing our experiences and providing a greater understanding of what ‘Patient Involvement’ means, as well as what to look out for.

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