KPIN Working Groups

“As a network of kidney patients, carers, professionals, and organisations we are looking at how best to help develop effective, efficient and impactful patient involvement. These Working Groups are the hub of this activity and consist of a mixture of people and organisations, who graciously give up their time to help develop various aspects of this network. When we work (collaborate) together, we learn from each other’s experience by listening and interacting together making the most of our diverse skills and backgrounds, which perhaps enable us to consider other new ways of working by example and from ‘collective’ experience.”

Currently three patients and three professionals working on a part-time to maintain day to day aspects of KPIN.

Click here for further details on current members.

A collaborative group of patients, professionals and organisations supporting the work KPIN undertakes. For further details click here.

The Working Group Advisors offer information, advice, guidance and support throughout the month and meet with the Core Working Group on the last Wednesday of each month.

A collaborative and diverse group of patients who help who support the KPIN Working Group with patient-relevant advice and guidance on the involvement of patients and carers within the NHS relating to Service Development and Research. For further information click here.

As the name implies, a patient/carer group offering information, advice, guidance and support throughout the month and meet together on the last Monday of each month.

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