Working together with Patients, Carers, Health Care Professional, Kidney related charities, organisations and professionals etc. etc. KPIN aspire to;

  • Build engagement and involvement experience(s) capacity among patients and health care professionals to provide a centralised learning portal
  • Contribute to improvement of existing patient ‘engagement and involvement’ resources and identify new resources for inclusion considering the diverse patient groups
  • Disseminate and facilitate basic ‘involvement/engagement’ patient information, training, resources and materials
  • Facilitate communication and peer support among those willing to share their knowledge and experience and those willing to learn


We are looking to do this through building a library of tools and resources to provide;

  • a ‘supportive’ place for those kidney patients/carers engaged and/or involved in Service Development activities be they Quality Improvement of Research to meet, chat, communicate with other engaged and involved patients
  • a learning hub for those patients or carers who want to get engaged or involved but do not know where to start or who have a particular interest or issue where they need help
  • where collectively, as kidney patients and professionals we can get information, advice, guidance and support/help from our peers


We need your help and support to achieve this.  For further details contact Andy or Holly via

Using these resources

The resources contained with this site are collated with the view to help patients and professionals be more impactful when working together.  These resources will morph over time as they either go out of date or new examples are created/uploaded.



The menu below is an attempt to group some of the resources by category or you can roll over each block to identify the content they contain.



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