Coproduction Workshop: How should kidney care decisions be made for people who cannot decide for themselves?

Some people with kidney problems struggle to make decisions about their own care because of things like memory problems and learning difficulties. When this happens, decisions have to be made for them based on their “best interests”. These are very difficult decisions that can lead to disagreements between those involved, which can affect whether people in these situations get the best care for them.

We are currently supporting a team of researchers at the Universities of Birmingham and Bristol. They are developing new training for healthcare professionals involved in these decisions, as well as better information resources for patients and their loved ones. To make sure that we develop these in a way that works for both patients and their loved ones, they’d like to discuss their plans with you.

Co-Production Workshop

Monday 4 December 2023



We would love for you to join us and share your thoughts. You can get a link to the workshop by emailing:

Interested but can’t make it? Please get in touch anyway as there will be further meetings which they can let you know about.

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