KPIN and NKF Collaborating Together

Want to become involved in your
Kidney Patient Association (KPA)?

An opportunity for kidney patients, carers and family members to learn how KPIN and the NKF are working together for the benefit of KPAs

Event Date: 08 April 2021

The Kidney Patient Involvement Network (KPIN) and the National Kidney Federation (NKF) would like to welcome you to this opportunity to learn about how both patient networks are working together to help develop and strengthen local Kidney Patient Associations (KPAs). It is also a great opportunity for you to ask questions and share your views about how you think we can help, as well as help identify potential priority areas of development.


The NKF and local KPAs offer opportunities at local, regional and national level for patients looking for public involvement opportunities. KPIN fully support patients and carers wishing to get involved and want to work collaboratively with the NKF to provide resources and support for people who might be interested in joining a KPA (in any capacity), but who might be hesitant or uncertain about doing so.


We recognise that every patient has valuable lived experience and transferrable skills to offer and are keen to help them find patient groups and projects to suit their interests.


Following an introduction, the session will be broken down into 3 aspects:


(1) The NKF; its role, involvement with KPAs and looking ahead

(2) KPIN; its role and how it can support NKF activities through its membership experiences and resources

(3) Interactive question and answer session about KPAs and how KPIN could provide support


We will finish with a summary and an indication of our future plans to work together in these areas.



Andy Henwood: A kidney haemodialysis and transplant patient and KPIN Patient Information Facilitator/Co-chair

Andrea Brown: NKF Chief Executive

Jim Higgins: Past carer to his late wife Marion, Treasurer of Northamptonshire KPA and NKF Chairman

NKF Member: Sarita Khurana – Chair, West London KPA




By enrolling you understand and agree that:


1. This session will be recorded and will be shared on KPIN and/or NKF social media platforms and YouTube channels

2. Your name and email address will be securely shared with the NKF by KPIN (please see KPIN Privacy Policies  and NKF Privacy Policyfor further details on how we both look after your data). You will only be contacted by us or the NKF with regards to this webinar unless you have signed up to be a member of KPIN or the NKF.

We are mindful that not every patient or carer who participates in the webinar will want to become a member of KPIN and you will only be added to the KPIN Membership once you have completed the appropriate membership form. For more information about KPIN membership please visit

3. Both the NKF and KPIN would appreciate your help in completing an online ‘post webinar’ feedback form regarding this webinar, as well as a further feedback form in about 3 months’ time, to gauge improvements made/issues raised in order that further steps can be taken.  This email will also include who and how to contact either KPIN or the NKF, should you wish to do so.

4. Should you not be able to attend but have any questions you’d like answered, please submit them in advance by sending them to by Tuesday 06 April 2021 and put KPIN/NKF Webinar questions as the subject. Should we have time during the webinar we will raise them and if not, we will respond to them by email.



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