Impact of at-home subcutaneous furosemide in heart failure patients with chronic kidney disease

Impact of at-home subcutaneous furosemide in heart failure patients with chronic kidney disease on prevention of hospital admission; a randomised controlled, non-inferiority trial.

We are supporting a researcher from St George’s University NHS Foundation Trust who is looking for patients/carers with experience of chronic kidney disease (CKD) with heart failure (HF) to provide feedback on their study, its design and the Plain English Summary.

The proposed study will investigate whether fluid build-up in patients with CKD and HF can be managed at home, using a new, easy-to-use pump device delivering furosemide under the skin of the stomach, as effectively as a hospital-given injection.

The hope is that patients will benefit from receiving treatment at home and avoid hospital admissions which include risks such as infection, reduced quality of life and death.

Furthermore, this improvement in quality of life and reduction in admissions for patients will likely result in cost-effective savings for the NHS.

Patients and carers who agree to support this research will be asked to commit 30-60 minutes for an initial consultation group. This is the minimum commitment. However, if individuals would like to be kept involved as the study progresses, we will update them on the progress and will encourage feedback and suggestions.

The research team has requested £350 from NIHR RDS to reimburse the attendees at these meetings at NIHR approved rates. We believe this number is in line with the HRA principles of PPI. ( This group session will last less than one hour, and participants will require little or no preparation to attend. Thus, as per the NIHR guidelines, we will offer attendees a thank you voucher each of £25 value to attend. Participants will also be offered the opportunity to claim this value in BACs (a United Kingdom scheme for the electronic processing of financial transactions) if they wish. As the meeting will be online, there will be no travel costs.

If you would like to participate in this or are interested in further information, please contact Dr Ella Tumelty via email ( before November 31st.

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