Point-of-care kidney function testing pathway

We are currently supporting a researcher to set up a PPI group to discuss, give feedback and help develop a point-of-care kidney function testing pathway, which will allow rapid optimisation of medications.

Ideally, this PPI group would include people living with kidney disease (with different stages of CKD) and also from a range of backgrounds, from anywhere within the UK.

The aim is that these clinics would target people from different backgrounds (particularly those at greater risk of rapidly progressive kidney disease), with the long-term goal of reducing cardiovascular events (such as heart attacks or strokes) and also reducing the risk of needing dialysis.

The pilot pathway will run in South East London, but this could also be up-scaled throughout London and eventually nationally.

Taking part in the PPI group would involve attending meetings via Zoom (ideally no longer than 1 hour). We would aim to organise 1 per month for the remainder of 2023 (and then every 3-4 months in 2024). You would also be sent all relevant reading or discussion materials via email between meetings.

If you would like to join the group or would like further information about what is involved, please contact Dr Rouvick Gama via email (rouvick.gama@kcl.ac.uk) before November 31st 2023

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